Opening Acts


1/22/19 Jacksonville, FL VoiceBox
1/23/19 Clearwater, FL Echo
1/25/19 Pompano Beach, FL Biscaydence
1/26/19 Daytona Beach, FL Gemini Blvd
1/27/19 Atlanta, GA InToneNation
1/29/19 San Antonio, TX Macarthur PFC
1/30/19 Grand Prairie, TX UNT Greentones
2/1/19 Austin, TX Southern Stride
2/2/19 Sugar Land, TX Cy Woods Chamber Choir
2/4/19 Mobile, AL —– TBD —–
2/5/19 Nashville, TN Vanderbilt Melodores
2/7/19 Knoxville, TN Volt
2/8/19 Chattanooga, TN Hot Pursuit
2/9/19 Durham, NC Forecast
2/10/19 North Charleston, SC Crescendo
2/12/19 Red Bank, NJ Rowan Vocals
2/13/19 Wilkes-Barre, PA Rogue
2/15/19 Morristown, NJ Stay Tuned
2/16/19 Brooklyn, NY Highline
2/17/19 Philadelphia, PA Quaker Notes
2/19/19 Washington, DC Ember
2/20/19 Wallingford, CT Tizmoret
2/22/19 Hershey, PA Drexel Treblemakers
2/23/19 Westbury, NY Sirens of Gotham
2/24/19 Boston, MA Upper Structure
2/24/19 Boston, MA Women of the World
2/26/19 Kitchener, ON Sound Crowd
2/27/19 Cleveland, OH Synergy
3/1/19 Cincinnati, OH Eleventh Hour
3/2/19 Indianapolis, IN Impromptu
3/3/19 Chicago, IL Accafellas
3/3/19 Chicago, IL GET Vocal Point
3/5/19 Milwaukee, WI Vintage Mix
3/6/19 Minneapolis, MN From Age To Age
3/7/19 Kansas City, MO Soundproof
3/8/19 Saint Louis, MO City Limits
3/10/19 Denver, CO Crimson and Slate
3/12/19 Phoenix, AZ Side Note
3/13/19 Thousand Oaks, CA Legacy
3/15/19 Riverside, CA Acasola
3/16/19 Las Vegas, NV TWA Big Steps
3/17/19 Oakland, CA Love Notes